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Rice To Meet You - Emerald

We would like to thank Melvin for sourcing genuine Autec sushi machine from Japan, answering all questions on different machines, and everything he did that helped us to setup a new shop.
If you have any questions about sushi industry, talk to Melvin. If you need reliable machines for your shop, go with Sushi Machines. The other machine we got from Melvin has been running for almost 10 years without any issue.

Thank you again Melvin, we are looking forward to work with you in the future.



Owner, Rice To Meet You
Shop: 30, 144 Egerton St, Emerald QLD 4720

Grain & Nori - Hawthorn, VIC

Melvin Wee is a man of integrity, who is generous with his time and incredible experience. He’s happy to build relationships regardless of the size of your business. He knows this industry inside out, so don’t be afraid to ask!

Thanks Melvin, We hope to continue our business relationship and friendship with you.



Founder, Grain & Nori

Tanuki Sushi - New Caledonia

We wish to provide a testimonial, Melvin Wee relating to his involvement. The Tanuki Sushi Train project in Noumea, New Caledonia part of the Groupe Cuenet of multiple restaurants and hotels…www.cuenet.nc) We started communicating by emails with Melvin Wee, Director of Sushi Machines, in Jan. 2014. We also looked at other possible sushi machine supplier but decided to pay for Melvin to visit our site for detailed discussions (due to his extensive sushi business experience).

Melvin promptly accepted our offer and visited us at the end of Jan. 2014. Within the 3 days of visit, he understood our brief and drafted a floor plan (using his travel PC) and designed the Retail area, hot & cold kitchen, freezer/chilled/dry stores, wash area and the full range of sushi machines and conveyor system. He also visited our appointed kitchen equipment supplier to discuss and assist in the selection, sizing and specifications of the support equipment.


Dominique Pham
GM of Groupe Cuenet
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Japan Komo - Melbourne, Australia

I am Jae Yong Kim. I operate a sushi restaurant in Melbourne, Australia. I got to know Mr. Melvin and his sushi machine about 3 years ago when I worked at another sushi restaurant. At that time, I used 2 sushi machines from the different company. I would like to recommend Melvin’s one – Autec ASM835. Both machines are good one. (Actually, it is hard to compare ‘Autec’ with another brand one in terms of the functionality because Autec is more recent model – like iPhone 3 and iPhone 4s). However, without any hesitation, I decided to choose ‘Autec ASM835’ sushi machine when I opened my own shop in this spring.

The good news for me was a price reduction!! It was almost $30K in the past but dropped to less than $20K. Anyway, I opened a shop and my new machine ‘ASM835’ and it is working very well without any issue. This machine is strong and many other (Australian) customers are also using it at the moment. And, Mr. Melvin is a reliable person. If you choose this machine, I am sure that you will never regret! Thank you!


Jae Yong Kim
Japan Komo
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Sushi Yatto - Brisbane

Melvin Wee from Sushi Machines has been a godsend! We were new to the Sushi business and Melvin guided us every step of the way. Melvin had no hesitation in answering any question we had in regard to the Sushi machines or the setting up of our new business including the shop design! We were always impressed with Melvin’s timely and professional advice. We have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Melvin to anyone looking to acquire Sushi machines and / or looking venture into the Sushi business and / or looking to expand their existing Sushi business.


Tim Day & Angela Gray
Sushi Yatto, Brisbane
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Momo Sushi - Melbourne, Vic

Momo Sushi is located in Carlton near the University of Melbourne. Established in 2009, it has grown to be a popular and trendy spot amongst the locals and university students.

Founder Robin Yong engaged with Melvin Wee of Sushi Machines because of their exceptional service. Melvin’s genuine willingness to help and educate has sold Robin on starting off his sushi café concept by using the experience Sushi Machines has to offer.

Melvin has not only an extremely detailed knowledge of his products, but also has a vast amount of practical experience through his previous business in JAS Sushi. Momo Sushi has grown significantly largely due to the fact of Sushi Machine’s products and consultancy. The free advice provided with the purchase of a new machine is unique and second to none, and cannot be found anywhere else.

Even after trading for almost two years, Melvin still keeps in contact to ensure the wellbeing of Momo Sushi. Emails are still replied promptly and advice is still freely given. This sincerity and integrity of conducting business is extremely rare in today’s society and Momo Sushi has had nothing but praise and commendation for their excellent service and relationship.

Momo Sushi is about to expand and open its second shop in April and will continue to engage with Sushi Machines to help them grow their brand and concept.


Robin Yong
Owner, Momo Sushi
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Cherry Blossom Group - Adelaide, SA

Our company, Cherry Blossom Sushi (Group), started in 2005. We met Melvin Wee, MD of Sushi Machines when we had one shop in Norwood Parade, SA, (currently, we have more than 20 stores in South Australia). Melvin brought us to view Simply Sushi, one of his customers, where we observed the use of Autec ASM400 Nigiri Robot, ASM830 Rice Sheeter and ASM760 Rice Mixer.
After discussion, we decided to purchase 1 unit of ASM830 Rice Sheeter in July 2007. We were very impressed with the first unit that we continued to purchase more than 10 units (including Nigiri Robot, Rice Mixer and Maki Cutter) for most of the branches we have. We are now buying the newer model, ASM835 Rice Sheeter which is even better than the ASM830 Rice Sheeter.

Overall, we find the machines are excellent as they helped save us a lot of time and reduce training requirements for new staff. The machines are very reliable and the investment cost has been recovered many times over.

MAs for the personality of Melvin Wee over the many years that we have dealt with Sushi Machines Pty Ltd, he is very experienced in the sushi business. He has reviewed our operations and given many good suggestions for improvements. It can be seen that Melvin is always willing to extend his services beyond his basic duty spending time and effort to make sure that we gained from his knowledge and contacts in the sushi business world.

We highly recommend Autec Sushi Machines and Melvin Wee for a very simple reason…we have used them and are still continuing to use them for all our sushi production needs.


Yours truly,
Ming Liang Ma, Director, Cherry Blossom Group
Jay Liu, General Manager, Cherry Blossom Group
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Delaware (Qantas Domestic Noriba) - Melbourne Airport

Thank you very much for the assistance with commissioning and training of our new equipment. The professional way that you conducted your self and your flexibility with timings and our moving schedules was much appreciated. Your experience was invaluable in setting up of the systems needed for sushi production.
Feel free to drop in and see us and give your valued opinion at any time.


Wayne Richardson
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Ebisu Sushi - Bunbury W.A

Hi Melvin
Good speaking with you last week, I have kept your blade cutter blue container here so next time please call through, please add this to your customer info;

” We are extremely happy with all the equipment we purchased through Sushi Machines, we can now produce large volumes of high grade sushi with minimal amount of staff, the machinery is easy to use and cleaning is very simple. Customer service from Melvin has been terrific and we highly recommend Sushi Machines to any new business!”

Wayne Italiano
Ebisu Sushi
Bunbury W.A
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Oliver's Real Food - Central Coast, NSW

I am delighted to offer a letter of reference for JAS Sushi.

In setting up a new healthy Fast Food chain, Sushi was an area we really needed to get right, and with the help of JAS Sushi we have done just that.
Melvin Wee and the team at JAS Sushi have been fantastic in teaching us all about what goes into making high quality, high volume Sushi.
Not only did the team at JAS Sushi help us to understand the origins of Sushi, and how to make authentic Sushi, they also assisted us in sourcing the right equipment and suppliers of consumables.
Melvin and his team have been enormously supportive and a real asset in setting up this new business and we wish them every success for the future.
If any further reference is required, please don’t hesitate to call the writer directly.


Kindest Regards
Jason Gunn
Managing Director
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Leo Handojo - Burnie Tasmania

My name is Leo Handojo and I live in Burnie Tasmania. Burnie is situated in the North West part of Tasmania. Burnie is a well established industrial city with about 20,000 residents. Burnie is Tasmania’s most westerly city; it has a northerly aspect and is nestled around Emu Bay on Bass Strait.

I first came across Sushi Machines (Melvin Wee) through Google.com.au as I was interested in having a small sushi business in Burnie. Currently there is no proper sushi shop in the Burnie area. I made contact thru Melvin’s Sushi Machines website and through various emails which brought us together in Melbourne around late November 2009. I must say after meeting him I was surprised as how thorough he had gone with explaining everything from store layout, kitchen layout, presentation, even the training facility that he offers free of charge when you buy a machine from him. We visited a few of his existing happy clients in and around Melbourne which obviously the result from his after sales service and all in all from how he conduct his business and also the personal relationship that you automatically gained from the moment you made your commitment to buy a machine from him.

He has gone over and beyond the call of duty you can say.
From that visit in November 2009, I have gained a few friends such as Robin and Rachel Yong from MOMO Sushi, Melvin and his lovely wife Claudine.

Unfortunately due to my local council regulations, my project has been delayed in the good part of 2010 but we have moved to a more positive position now. So we are hoping to open in the second half of 2011. Up to this stage we have not come up with a suitable name for the business as yet but I will surely update my testimonial once we are up and running.

We purchased a ASM850 and ASM720 and we have used them a few times so far for practising our skills and we have found that the machines are very well made with minimal trouble if any. It simplifies the sushi making process. Even after talking to all those other customers who have been using the same machine that I have purchased, they are very happy with the reliability and the easiness of making sushi using the AUTECH machines.

I can honestly and highly recommend that you buy from Melvin as he won’t be satisfied until you are 110% happy with your purchase. If you are like me, who knows nothing about sushi prior to making this equipments purchase, then you won’t bother going anywhere else. After all we can all spend the money easily by buying the equipments, but knowing the trade, having the skills and hence getting a return of your investment is the key for success of any business. I am sure that you are making a positive step towards that “success” when you buy from Melvin Wee’s Sushi Machines as the after sales service is beyond the call of duty.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Melvin, Claudine and family every success in the future.

Thank you for everything
Leo Handojo
Wivenhoe, Burnie, Tasmania 7320
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Silo Sushi & Asian Foods - Atherton QLD

Hello, my name is Hitomi Snelling. I own a small shop called “Silo Sushi & Asian Foods” in Atherton North Queensland which is 1.5 hours from Cairns City by car. The shop has opened since April 2009.

I have talked to Melvin lots of times by email and phone before the shop opened and he gave me a lot of advice about sushi machines. Finally I decided to buy a second hand Maki machine from a shop in Cairns which Melvin introduced me to and I bought a Shari Maker ASM720 and Maki Cutter ASM230 from Melvin. Melvin and his lovely wife Claudine came to my shop just before I opened and helped fit these machines into my shop. They showed me how to use and maintain these machines and even gave me a tip of making good sushi rice using them. It was much appreciated what they did for me.

ASM720 is just the right size for my small shop and I cannot handle events without ASM230. Recently, I had a problem with ASM720 because it made a horrible sound when it turned. I read an owner’s manual a few times but it didn’t say anything about this problem. So I sent an email to Melvin to see if he could help me. I have been living in Atherton for over 6 years now and from my experience (and my Australian husband agrees), I think that Australian people are not very good at customer services and especially in an emergency situation, they are just useless. So I didn’t expect that Melvin could help me or even get back to me.

But Melvin was different. He sent an email back to me soon after I sent it to him and he explained to me very simply and attached a few photos. My husband and I did what Melvin told us to do and finally ASM720 became a new machine again! I cannot open my shop without ASM720 so I thanked Melvin so much for his help. My shop has been doing well in Atherton which only has a population of 6000. I do strongly think that it makes me comfortable knowing that I have good support behind me, especially in this rural area.

I will keep providing fresh and delicious sushi to my lovely local customers with my awesome machines and Melvin’s big support.

Melvin, Thank you so much!!

Hitomi Snelling
Silo Sushi & Asian Foods
Shop 3B Silo Central Shopping Centre Atherton QLD 4883
Ph/Fax: 07‐4091‐1769
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Sushi To You - Hervey Bay, Qld

Since our very first contact with Melvin back in October 2009, we have been made to feel like part of the Sushi Machines Australia family. Melvin not only helped us source the right equipment to fit with our small but ever growing sushi demand, but he ensured we did not over spend on unnecessary capital given the size of our relatively small regional sushi market.

Melvin also spent time before we started to understand our existing business and to gain a vision for where we wanted to take it. Without Melvin’s business consultancy expertise we would have been terribly lost and no doubt would have made several key mistakes.

Melvin’s expertise has guided us from being a ‘small cafe that happen to sell a little sushi’ into a ‘sushi bar’, regarded as the finest on the Fraser Coast. This transition has seen our sales figures consistently growing even during the toughest of economic times (the GFC). The attached sales graph demonstrates our growth rates over the past 3 years ($ values removed).

Melvin took the time to demonstrate not only the best practices in making high volumes of the best quality sushi rice, but he also taught me and my staff how to make great sushi and how to maximise our investment in the equipment. He even took the time to fly from his home in Perth all the way to Hervey Bay in Queensland, just to show us everything we needed to know.

We acknowledge that a tremendous amount of our business success is attributable to Melvin’s commitment to us as one of his clients. It is for this reason that each time we decide to purchase more equipment, we go right back to Sushi Machines Australia knowing we will get the best possible advice, at the best possible price!

Kane Ansell
Sushi To You
Hervey Bay, Queensland
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SUSU SU SHI - Waverley VIC

Due to the increasing demands in our business, we decided to purchase a new sushi maker machine. We contacted two renowned Japanese sushi machine sales companies. We received a reply from Mr Melvin Wee immediately. He was prompt to arrange a meeting with us. He also very kindly gave us a one week trial use of the machine. This allowed us to make an informed decision as whether to purchase the machine.

Mr Melvin Wee is courteous, enthusiastic and very professional in his service. He taught us and gave us a hands-on working knowledge of the machine. He also gave us detailed instructions including the precautions to take, trouble shooting and care of the machine. We were able to operate the machine by ourselves immediately and smoothly. We wasted no time in our decision to purchase the machine.

At the same time, we also let Melvin know that we had some problems with our two old machines. Melvin promptly contacted the Japanese Company concerned. He bought the spare parts, in a very short time, he personally came to repair both the machines for us. Most wonderfully is that, he only charged us a small token sum for his service.

We are very happy and satisfied with Mr Melvin Wee’s service and the machine he sold to us. We hereby want to express our heartfelt thanks to him. We wish him well and, most of all, his business prospers.

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Sushi Izu - TownHall, Sydney

To whom it may concern.
I am Jennifer. I am currently operating a small sushi bar at Woolworths in Sydney. I have started this business from November 2012.

When I started the business, the first thing that I had in mind was the ‘return on investment’.
I believe everyone does so. I compared many different sushi machines; its functions, safety, price and even colour of machine… I requested the several quotations from different suppliers. Frankly speaking, all machines were not too much different to me. All machines had advantages and disadvantages. There were more expensive machine and cheaper one too. The real reason I decided to go with Sushi Machines one was the great ‘customer care’ attitude of business owner. When I requested the quotation, he(Melvin Wee), sent very detailed explanation about the machine, its price guideline, warranty, training schedule and the copy of its Australian standard certificates, OH&S , WHS and SWMS.

Some supplier provided ambiguous price, saying ‘the price is around $$$ but it’s all negotiable’. I personally prefer to have a deal with a reliable ‘business man’, not with a back street market seller.
I have used this machine since November 2012. I and all my staff have a day off, but my machine is working 365 days. However, it has never been broken down. I am confident to say that it is a good investment choice!! Hope you try one and enjoy the benefit too’


Jennifer, Sushi Izu
AFC Franchisee
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Go Sushi, Prague, Czech R epublic

We finally opened our first Sushi restaurant in Prague on the 29th April. The trial and first two weeks went really smooth. Without any promotion we sold about 100 rolls a day, with excellent feedback from ALL customers. This makes us very happy and gives us energy to continue on our journey! Now, after the “warming round”, we plan to invest in the promotion of our product so that we increase sale and production.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the great and prompt service provided by you and your company( Melvin Wee & Sushi Machines Pty Ltd). The machines work perfectly, we found the whole training you provided to us as well as other material and information you left with as very useful.

Below I enclose the link to our web page, you can find our menu as well as few pictures of our restaurant placed in Prague Stodulky so that you know where to go when you visit us next time:-)

We used the concept of Australia for logo & design as it perfectly goes with the new modern style of sushi rolls and differentiate us from old-fashioned Chinese or Japanese restaurants. I believe you like it:-)

Many thanks again And best regards.


Go Sushi, Prague, Czech Republic
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Bonsai Express - Newton, Adelaide SA

Bonsai Sushi started in 2007. As it was our first shop, we contacted Melvin Wee of Sushi Machines Pty Ltd (after finding him from the internet search). After ordering the machine from Melvin, we were impressed with his service as he came to Adelaide to conduct the training personally.

Some 6 years have passed and we now decided to start “Bonsai Express”. As we were very pleased with Melvin’s services, we decided to use him again to supply us.

This is the second time we are dealing with Melvin from Sushi Machines. He still maintains the highest standard of service without compromise. We highly recommend using his services.


Joe Lin
Bonsai Express
Email: info@bonsaisushi.com.au
Mobile: 0400 011 991
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