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Jan, 2016

Momo Sushi – Melbourne, Vic

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Momo Sushi is located in Carlton near the University of Melbourne. Established in 2009, it has grown to be a popular and trendy spot amongst the locals and university students. Founder Robin Yong engaged with Melvin Wee of Sushi Machines because of their exceptional service. Melvin’s genuine willingness to help and educate has sold Robin on starting off his sushi café concept by using the experience Sushi Machines has to offer.

Melvin has not only an extremely detailed knowledge of his products, but also has a vast amount of practical experience through his previous business in JAS Sushi. Momo Sushi has grown significantly largely due to the fact of Sushi Machine’s products and consultancy. The free advice provided with the purchase of a new machine is unique and second to none, and cannot be found anywhere else.

Even after trading for almost two years, Melvin still keeps in contact to ensure the wellbeing of Momo Sushi. Emails are still replied promptly and advice is still freely given. This sincerity and integrity of conducting business is extremely rare in today’s society and Momo Sushi has had nothing but praise and commendation for their excellent service and relationship.

Momo Sushi is about to expand and open its second shop in April and will continue to engage with Sushi Machines to help them grow their brand and concept.

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Robin Yong
Owner, Momo Sushi