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Jan, 2016

Cherry Blossom Group – Adelaide, SA

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Our company, Cherry Blossom Sushi (Group), started in 2005. We met Melvin Wee, MD of Sushi Machines when we had one shop in Norwood Parade, SA, (currently, we have more than 20 stores in South Australia). Melvin brought us to view Simply Sushi, one of his customers, where we observed the use of Autec ASM400 Nigiri Robot, ASM830 Rice Sheeter and ASM760 Rice Mixer.

After discussion, we decided to purchase 1 unit of ASM830 Rice Sheeter in July 2007. We were very impressed with the first unit that we continued to purchase more than 10 units (including Nigiri Robot, Rice Mixer and Maki Cutter) for most of the branches we have. We are now buying the newer model, ASM835 Rice Sheeter which is even better than the ASM830 Rice Sheeter. Overall, we find the machines are excellent as they helped save us a lot of time and reduce training requirements for new staff. The machines are very reliable and the investment cost has been recovered many times over.

MAs for the personality of Melvin Wee over the many years that we have dealt with Sushi Machines Pty Ltd, he is very experienced in the sushi business. He has reviewed our operations and given many good suggestions for improvements. It can be seen that Melvin is always willing to extend his services beyond his basic duty spending time and effort to make sure that we gained from his knowledge and contacts in the sushi business world. We highly recommend Autec Sushi Machines and Melvin Wee for a very simple reason…we have used them and are still continuing to use them for all our sushi production needs.

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Yours truly,
Ming Liang Ma, Director, Cherry Blossom Group
Jay Liu, General Manager, Cherry Blossom Group