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SUSU SU SHI – Waverley VIC

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Due to the increasing demands in our business. We decided to purchase a new sushi maker machine. We contacted two renowned Japanese sushi machine sales companies. We received a reply from Mr Melvin Wee immediately. He was prompt to arrange a meeting with us. He also very kindly gave us a one week trial use of the machine. This allowed us to make an informed decision as whether to purchase the machine.

Mr Melvin Wee is courteous, enthusiastic and very professional in his service. He taught us and gave us a hands-on working knowledge of the machine. He also gave us detailed instructions including the precautions to take, trouble shooting and care of the machine. We were able to operate the machine by ourselves immediately and smoothly. We wasted no time in our decision to purchase the machine.

At the same time, we also let Melvin know that we had some problems with our two old machines. Melvin promptly contacted the Japanese Company concerned. He bought the spare parts, in a very short time, he personally came to repair both the machines for us. Most wonderfully is that, he only charged us a small token sum for his service.

We are very happy and satisfied with Mr Melvin Wee’s service and the machine he sold to us. We hereby want to express our heartfelt thanks to him. We wish him well and, most of all, his business prospers.

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