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Sushi Izu – TownHall, Sydney

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I am Jennifer. I am currently operating a small sushi bar at Woolworths in Sydney. I have started this business from November 2012. When I started the business, the first thing that I had in mind was the ‘return on investment’.I believe everyone does so. I compared many different sushi machines; its functions, safety, price and even colour of machine…

I requested the several quotations from different suppliers. Frankly speaking, all machines were not too much different to me. All machines had advantages and disadvantages.

There were more expensive machine and cheaper one too. The real reason I decided to go with Sushi Machines one was the great ‘customer care’ attitude of business owner. When I requested the quotation, he(Melvin Wee), sent very detailed explanation about the machine, its price guideline, warranty, training schedule and the copy of its Australian standard certificates, OH&S , WHS and SWMS.

Some supplier provided ambiguous price, saying ‘the price is around $$$ but it’s all negotiable’. I personally prefer to have a deal with a reliable ‘business man’, not with a back street market seller.
I have used this machine since November 2012. I and all my staff have a day off, but my machine is working 365 days. However, it has never been broken down. I am confident to say that it is a good investment choice!! Hope you try one and enjoy the benefit too’

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Jennifer, Sushi Izu
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