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Jan, 2016

Japan Komo – Melbourne, Australia

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Hi, I am Jae Yong Kim. I operate a sushi restaurant in Melbourne, Australia. I got to know Mr. Melvin and his sushi machine. About 3 years ago when I worked at another sushi restaurant. At that time, I used 2 sushi machines from the different company.

I would like to recommend Melvin’s one – Autec ASM835. Both machines are good one. (Actually, it is hard to compare ‘Autec’ with another brand one in terms of the functionality because Autec is more recent model – like iPhone 3 and iPhone 4s). However, without any hesitation, I decided to choose ‘Autec ASM835’ sushi machine when I opened my own shop in this spring.

The good news for me was a price reduction!! It was almost $30K in the past but dropped to less than $20K. Anyway, I opened a shop and my new machine ‘ASM835’ and it is working very well without any issue. This machine is strong and many other (Australian) customers are also using it at the moment. And, Mr. Melvin is a reliable person. If you choose this machine, I am sure that you will never regret! Thank you!

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Jae Yong Kim
Japan Komo
Melbourne, Australia