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Silo Sushi & Asian Foods – Atherton QLD

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Hello, my name is Hitomi Snelling. I own a small shop called “Silo Sushi & Asian Foods” in Atherton North Queensland which is 1.5 hours from Cairns City by car. The shop has opened since April 2009. I have talked to Melvin lots of times by email and phone before the shop opened and he gave me a lot of advice about sushi machines. Finally I decided to buy a second hand Maki machine from a shop in Cairns

which Melvin introduced me to and I bought a Shari Maker ASM720 and Maki Cutter ASM230 from Melvin.

Melvin and his lovely wife Claudine came to my shop just before I opened and helped fit these machines into my shop. They showed me how to use and maintain these machines and even gave me a tip of making good sushi rice using them. It was much appreciated what they did for me.

ASM720 is just the right size for my small shop and I cannot handle events without ASM230. Recently, I had a problem with ASM720 because it made a horrible sound when it turned. I read an owner’s manual a few times but it didn’t say anything about this problem. So I sent an email to Melvin to see if he could help me. I have been living in Atherton for over 6 years now and from my experience (and my Australian husband agrees), I think that Australian people are not very good at customer services and especially in an emergency situation, they are just useless. So I didn’t expect that Melvin could help me or even get back to me.

But Melvin was different. He sent an email back to me soon after I sent it to him and he explained to me very simply and attached a few photos. My husband and I did what Melvin told us to do and finally ASM720 became a new machine again! I cannot open my shop without ASM720 so I thanked Melvin so much for his help. My shop has been doing well in Atherton which only has a population of 6000. I do strongly think that it makes me comfortable knowing that I have good support behind me, especially in this rural area. I will keep providing fresh and delicious sushi to my lovely local customers with my awesome machines and Melvin’s big support. Melvin, Thank you so much!!

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Hitomi Snelling
Silo Sushi & Asian Foods
Shop 3B Silo Central Shopping Centre Atherton QLD 4883
Ph/Fax: 07‐4091‐1769