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ASM 730CE Rice Mixer

The slimmest desk-top size in the industry – space saving desk-top type. Newly developed special Resinous drum and rice stirring bar. Cost reduction – no rubber seal and coatless surface. Easily operated by anyone with one touch of button of detaching. Improving for better Shari – large opening and more air and cradle-like mixing


Power Supply: AC230V (50/60 Hz)
Power Consumption: 200W / 50Hz, 280W / 60Hz
Rice capacity: 3.6 – 7.2 kg
Dimensions: W488 x D692(Max841) x H592 (Max1154) mm
Weight: 35 kg (approx)

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ASM 780CE Rice Mixer

Newly developed special resin improves safety and realizes ideal and easy operation. A newly-developed temperature sensor on the ASM780 helps to offer uniform finished rice without being affected by the condition of the cooked rice.
Once operation is done, the machine transfers the mixed rice to the box automatically. Set a rice box in advance and transferring will be completed. The drum is light and releases quickly because newly developed resin is used and it is also easy to clean as the drum itself can be moved to the sink to be cleaned.
ASM780 adopts a new method of mixing rice using a cradle-like motion to mix evenly. It is also suitable for making Japanese-style mixed rice by just adjusting mixing time. The operation is interrupted while drum cover is opened.


Power Supply:    AC230V 50Hz
Power Consumption:    200W
Capacity:    Approx.7-14kg
Dimensions:    W598 x D743 x H989mm
Weight:    Approx.47kg

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ASM 405CE Rice Ball Maker

The ASM405CE is a semi-automatic shari dama(rice ball) maker. It is sleek in design and is easy to set up, operate and clean down. It features a single immediate demand shari dama dispenser where a single shari dama is dispensed directly onto the operator’s hand when placed below the forming area. Alternatively, it can be set to dispense onto the display table for the operator to pick up. The ASM405CE is capable of producing 1,800 shari dama per hour at 60HZ (in Australia where frequency is 50Hz, the rate will be about 1,500pcs/hour).


Production Rate:    1,800 pcs per hour (at 60Hz)
Rice capacity:    3 kg
Dimensions:    W280 x D321 X H545mm
Weight:    16 kg (approx)


ASM405CE: 230V, 50Hz, 40W

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ASM 410CE Nigri Robot

The ASM410E/CE is a high speed fully automatic shari dama robot…it makes ‘rice balls’ for Nigiri and Gunkan style of sushi. The production rate is 2,400 pcs per hour at 60 Hz (in Australia, where frequency is 50Hz, the rate will be about 2,000 pcs per hour. The ASM410E/CE has a turn-table where the shari dama will be dropped continuously in ‘auto’ mode until the table is full. It will then stop until the shari dama are picked up. It can also be set to ‘single’ mode where a single shari dama is produced and presented for pick up. The ASM410CE has double ‘heat retaining’ features using an insulated hopper and a heater inside the machine to keep the shari warm. The ASM410E/CE is light weight and can be carried by one person if moving it around is required.


Production Rate:    2,400 pcs per hour
Rice capacity:    7.5 kg
Dimensions:    W310 x D513 x H636mm
Weight:    23 kg


ASM410E: 100V, 50/60Hz, 60W
ASM410CE: 230V, 50Hz, 70W

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ASM 545CE Nigri Robot

Automated alignment and automated forming can be done with 1 machine! Grate dedication to your labor efficiency

  • Auto start: Machine starts forming rice balls automatically in 90 seconds
  • Catch arm is installed: No need to touch rice balls during operation
  • 50 rice balls are aligned in the tray automatically in 90 seconds

Production Rate:Onigiri: 1,100-1,650 pcs. / hr. (50Hz)
Sushi Rice Ball: 2,200 pcs. / hr. (50Hz)
Makunouchi Rice Ball: 1,375-4,400 pcs. / hr. (50Hz)
Rice capacity:    7.5 kg
Dimensions:    W310 x D510 x H692mm
Weight:    25 kg


ASM545CE: 230V, 50Hz, 80W

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ASM 600CE Nigri Robot

The ASM600E/CE makes the job of the Itamae (Sushi Chef) easy as it produces high volume of consistent shape and size of shari dama(sushi rice balls) effortlessly. Using the ASM600E/CE, anyone can do this job as the machine ensures that almost every shari dama is within 2 g of the nominal weight. The sushi robot also allows for control of weight which can be set for between 18 g to 25 g and the compression of the shari dama can be controlled by simply pressing the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ buttons. This enable the operator to control the desired density or firmness of the shari dama according to customer’s preference. It’s high speed is capable of producing up to 3,300 rice balls per hour.


Production Rate:    3,300pcs per hour (at 60Hz)
Rice capacity:    7.5 kg
Dimensions:    W330 x D520 X H718mm
Weight:    37 kg (approx)


ASM600E: 100V, 50/60Hz, 90W
ASM600CE: 230V, 50Hz, 115W

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ASM 865CE Rice Sheeter

The ASM865CE Rice Sheeter was designed from feedback we received from customers using various models of Rice Sheeters…and new/improved features include Largest Hopper capacity in the world for Rice Sheeters at 8.2kg., 230V single phase electrical needs, positive front sensors for ‘auto’ function, improved front and hopper covers, faster operational speed, continuous heater being ‘on’ and dual size magnetic seaweed guide.


Power Supply:    AC230V (50 / 60 Hz)
Hopper Capacity:    Approx 8.2 kg
Dimensions:    W348 mm x D430 mm(max 610 mm) x H590 mm
Weight:    Approx. 32 kg

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ASM 880CE Maki Robot

The new feature of loosening rice was designed for the ASM880 and the hopper capacity was increased to 10kg. The machine keeps the setting values of the previous operation. These can be recalled automatically just by attaching each wrapping unit to the main body. Its applicability to long rolls makes it possible to make various kinds of rolled sushi. Inside-out rolls can also be made by changing settings. Changing the wrapping unit is easy with a one-touch simple operation and the previously used rice mat setting is automatically set in accordance with the size of the wrapping unit.


Power Supply: AC230V 50Hz
Power Consumption: 70W
Hopper Capacity: Max.Approx.10kg
Rice Supplying Method: Auto-stirring Supply System
Dimensions: W360 x D551 x H732mm
Weight: Approx. 25kg

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ASM 230E Maki Cutter

This ASM230E Maki Cutter is suitable for sushi businesses that want to speed up their maki cutting operations with safety and efficiency in mind. As this model does need require electricity to operate, it can be transported to any location fast or kept away after completing the cutting operation. This allows the bench space to be used for other functions.


Rice capacity:    3 – 6 kg
Dimensions:    W440 x D340 x H340mm
Weight:    11 kg


Roll Length: 185mm into 6pcs or
185mm into 8pcs or
205mm into 10pcs.

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ASM 250CE Maki Cutter

Nicely cut rolled sushi is dropped onto the bottom tray and cutting base is recovered automatically so work efficiency is improved. As the parts are made of resin, cleaning, assembling and disassembling is simplified.
The cut base units are for 6 pcs, 8 pcs and 10 pcs. For 6 pcs and 8 pcs, the cut base unit is common.


Power Consumption:    40W
Production Capacity:    Up to 600 pcs per hour
Dimensions:    W360 x D292 x H436mm
Weight: 18kg

Conveyor Belt System
Modern Direct Delivery System
Sushi Plates DishWasher
Rice Washer RM-401HTC

Capacity:  1.0 – 4.0 kg / Wash

Standard Washing Time: Approx. 4 Min. 47 sec.

Maximum Power Consumption: 60W

Power Supply: AC100V 60W(50/60Hz)

Water Pressure: 0.1 Mpa – 0.5 Mpa (1 – 5 kgf/cm2)

Dimension: 415 x 510 X 800mm

Weight: 20 kg

Rice Washer RM-401AG-CE

Model no.: RM-401AG-CE

Water Rice Quantity:  1.0 – 7.5 kg

Standard Washing Time: Approx. 5 Min. 55 sec.

Washing Water: 29l. Or Less (Rice 4.5 kg)

Power Supply: AC240/ AC230 /AC220 50Hz 800W

Water Pressure: 0.1 Mpa – 0.5 Mpa

Dimension: W600 x D630 X H1785mm

Weight: 90 kg

Rice Storage: 90 kg

Operating Condition: 100C – 350C, 45 – 65% (relative humidity)

Tiger Rice Cooker JNO-B360

commercial use. Approximately 3 kg raw rice producing 6.6 kg cooked rice
Keep warm function
Thick 1.8mm inner pan
Durable outer Body – Stainless steel
AC 240V ; Made In Japan


Capacity: 3.6L / 20cups
Electric rating: 1410watt
Weight: 8.5 kg

Fujimak Multi-Deck Rice Cooker

      Thermistor: The thermistor uses steam-catching method to sense the preset temperature of steam coming from the pan and automatically turns the heater off instantly.

       Cooking Adjusting switch: The switch provide fine conditions adjustment to cooking to obtain rice of the desire quality.

       Steaming Buzzer: The Buzzer sound after 15 minutes of steaming, all the end of the cooking cycle.

       Heater: Sheath heater SUS 304.


Fujimak Electric Automatic Rice Co: 1 Unit Three(3) Tier Type
Model: FRC 162F – 16.2kw
Voltage: 415V/3Ph/50-60Hz

Rice Box ASA151

Sushi rice ball storage that is able to keep rice fresh for a long time Rice Box ASA151. Capable of containing 5 rice trays (about 300 sushi rice balls) at once Use of a polyethylene Resin insulation keeps sushi rice and formed pieces warm for a long time.


Outer Dimensions:    W390 x D480 x H240 mm
Inside Dimensions:    W308 x D385 x H170 mm

Rice Tray ASA159 (Rice Tray contain 5 trays/set)

Capable of containing up to 50 sushi rice balls per tray Shock-resistant and easy to clean.


Outer Dimensions:    W370 x D300 x H31 mm
Inside Dimensions:    W367 x D294 x H28 mm

Rice Nets

For transfer of freshly cooked and hot rice from the Rice Cooker into the Rice Mixer drum. The use of these Nylon Rice Nets help to cut down the difficulty of transferring very hot rice from the rice cooker into the Rice Mixer before adding the vinegar mix…..using just one hand in less than 10 seconds.


Dimensions:    100mm x 115mm