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Rice Box ASA151 (Rice Box)

Sushi rice ball storage that is able to keep rice fresh for a long time Rice Box ASA151. Capable of containing 5 rice trays (about 300 sushi rice balls) at once Use of a polyethylene Resin insulation keeps sushi rice and formed pieces warm for a long time.


Outer Dimensions:    W390 x D480 x H240 mm
Inside Dimensions:    W308 x D385 x H170 mm

Rice Tray ASA159 (Rice Tray contain 5 trays/set)

Capable of containing up to 50 sushi rice balls per tray Shock-resistant and easy to clean.


Outer Dimensions:    W370 x D300 x H31 mm
Inside Dimensions:    W367 x D294 x H28 mm

Rice Nets

For transfer of freshly cooked and hot rice from the Rice Cooker into the Rice Mixer drum. The use of these Nylon Rice Nets help to cut down the difficulty of transferring very hot rice from the rice cooker into the Rice Mixer before adding the vinegar mix…..using just one hand in less than 10 seconds.


Dimensions:    100mm x 115mm