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Sushi Machines Pty Ltd started in 1998 as a multi-stores sushi retailer, central kitchen, premium wholesaler and concessionaire in 2 David Jones. As a retailer, we were the market driver and had selling and loyalty programs that other sushi retailers were keen to follow. As a premium wholesalers, we served major International food services companies such as Spotless, Delaware North and Sodexho. We were also the supplier to Crown Casino, major hotels, hospitals, universities, catering companies, Events Management and supermarkets. After being the only sushi business to win 3 WANA Awards, we were highly demanded for our skill and experience in sushi operations. This lead us to concentrate on being a full time sushi business mentor and supply sushi machines to automate and improve productivity and profitability of the business.
Sushi Machines Pty Ltd trading as Sushi Machine:
Since 2000, we started representing 4 brands of Japanese and Korean sushi machines & Robots….including Suzumo, Tomoe, Autec and Robotic Sushi. Eventually, we dropped all others in favour of Autec as their pricing is reasonable, high quality design and excellent technical support from Japan. We have been appointed the Exclusive Agent status since 2006. And since 2007, stated the website www.sushimachines.com.au . Our competitor decided to follow similar domain name and used www.sushimachine.com.au a few years after us.

More than 850 Clients

We have more than 850 clients served.

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Win 3 Sushi Awards

We are the ONLY sushi business to win 3 Sushi Awards

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Free Set-UpConsultancy

WE give free Consultancy to Set-Up your sushi business.

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More than 1,200 machines

We are sold More than 1,200 sushi machines since 2005.

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