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Jul, 2017

Sushi Maki Robot: Expand the Customer Base of your Restaurant

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Sushi is so popular today that these Japanese delicacies have taken over the world enormously. It is a healthy and delicious dish that appeals to thousands and has instigated many to try out other Japanese foods. However, making Sushi is messy with all the rice and fillings falling all over the nori sheet and it’s hard to assemble unless you are an expert at it. If you are planning to build a Japanese restaurant, primarily serving sushi, then your chefs need a Sushi Maki Robot to meet the order demands faster manually.

The restaurants install this machine in their kitchens to roll out orders as soon as they can. These machines are like robots that assemble the sushi and roll it out in the perfect form that the customers want. Moreover, these robots are rather easy to use as well. So the next time you go to a flourishing Japanese restaurant that serves Sushi, remember the maki may have come from these machine.

How does it work?

Sushi Maki Robot, Autec ASM880CE is really easy to operate which is why they are chef favourite equipment. It makes many sushi rolls per hour, which makes it easier to serve the customers. However, some restaurant owners even opt for simple rice sheet maker(Autec ASM865CE) for Maki rolls, depending on what the chef advises. If you have been wondering how it works, then take a look below:

  1. Go to the Sushi Maki Robot and pick the type of Maki roll that you want to roll out.
  2. Ensure that the plastic film is flat. Place the nori sheet on it and then proceed to place the rice on it evenly.
  3. Place the fillings that you want on top of the rice and press the button on the sushi maker once you have finished assembling the ingredients.
  4. The machine will compress the sushi automatically. All you need to do is cut it into pieces.

Why opt for a Sushi Maki Robot?

Other than the fact that these Sushi machines are really easy to roll out lots of sushi in a matter of minutes, there are other reasons as to why you should opt for such a sushi robot.

If you own a Sushi restaurant then investing in one of these would turn your business around. You will be able to generate more customers as you will be able to serve more, save valuable amount of time and even cut down on labour cost. Sushi making is an art, and with the right machine, you can use this art form to turn your business around.

Where to get a Sushi Robot?

You can purchase the machine by first reviewing the type you want. Based on your needs, make your purchase. You can do this by going to www.sushimachines.com.au online and viewing catalogues to find out what you need. There are reliable sellers online, you can always check their websites.

A Sushi Maki Robot is undoubtedly revolutionizing the whole restaurant business. It is generating productive methods to create sushi and generate profit for the owners. Thus, it is a really good option for a one time investment

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