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Jul, 2016

Get yourself a Rice Mixer machine to ensure that you have the best of Sushi!

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For those people who plan to prepare sushi on a greater volume or owns a sushi outlet or restaurant service Sushi, it is important to check out what and how rice mixers and washers are important for helping prepare the delicacy in the best manner! This would improve their knowledge regarding usage of machines.

Get yourself a Rice Mixer machine to ensure that you have the best of sushi!

Planning on opening up a Japanese eatery? Are you aware of the details? What are those special ways to make sure that yours is truly the best? Well, Japanese food has their patriots all over the world. However, it is the style of cooking that actually adds on to the style! With Rice Mixer you are bound to get a new flavor to those special delicacies!

For the typical residents of eastern side of the globe, rice happens to be a staple diet. Sushi, one of the most sought delicacies from the Japanese cuisine is an ideal concoction of rice and vinegar presented with a variety of vegetables. However, making this dish in an ideal manner is no easy feat and Autec Sushi machines happen to be the ideal way to make sure that you are ready to prepare the best of delicacies in the best manner possible.

How are these rice mixer machines important?

Speaking on general terms, mixing of rice and vinegar is no deal. However, there is a certain style of mixing that enhances taste of this sushi dish.

  • These machines are automated ways to exclusively prepare mixed rice and specifically sushi rice that is the most important component of sushi.
  • By help of Rice Mixer machines, cooked rice is mingled with vinegar, air-blown and finally an ideal temperature condition is created that makes it possible for further preparation of this delicacy.
  • Rather than general mixing, this mixing in crater style enhances taste of this dish. Most importantly, the whole process is carried in an automatic style that maintains a certain temperature condition and helps in managing proportion of the mixtures.
  • Is mixing the only important thing? Well, no and that is where Autec Sushi Machine has its plus point! There are a number of operations that are to be performed while getting ideal sushi rice. Machines can simultaneously take care up to four operations to make sure that final product is best!
  • Also, automated process does not interfere with the cooked rice while dealing with sushi rice as there are special censors that inform way before of the condition of the rice.

So, be it sushi rice or Japanese styled mixed rice, in both cases these rice mixer machines are of great use in fair comparison to general mixing process that are adopted.

Starting up the sushi rice washing process:

Cleanliness is the most important aspect before you set up a sushi preparation and automatic Rice Washer is the way to take care of it. It is not possible for those places where sushi is prepared in a great amount to categorically take care of washing of the rice. However, there is a style in which this rice has to be washed.

In fair comparison to general washing procedure, this Rice Washer machine has capacity to wash up to 6 or 14 kg of rice, in a manner that categorically removes all the external flakes. Also, it helps in removing minimal traces of water that could degrade taste of sushi prepared in any way, by using process of blow-drying. Clearly, this is the machine to look out for while you plan to prepare sushi in a greater quantity.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a Rice Washer for your Sushi Outlet to start up this sushi preparation process!

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